Corporate Profile

Helbor is one of the largest real estate developers in Brazil. Its operations are recognized for its strong presence in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, which concentrates more than 21 million inhabitants. Throughout its 42-year history, the Company has developed significant expertise in real estate. It has developed 265 projects, totaling more than 42,000 units delivered and more than 8 million m² of built area.

As the Company’s business is focused exclusively on development activities, it has sought solutions for two other important activities in this segment – construction, and sales. Its model allows for more efficient management of the costs of each activity related to the developments, in addition to providing greater dynamism and flexibility to operate in various market segments and take advantage of opportunities that prove to be strategically attractive. The Company also maintains strategic partnerships with other developers/constructors that share the same business values and demonstrate experience in the segment or target region.

Helbor’s expansion involves its new positioning, which is focused mainly on projects in the municipality of São Paulo and in the Greater São Paulo region, where it has delivered solid results in the sale of the projects launched. Also, the Company has the flexibility to launch projects that present themselves as business opportunities in regions where it has solid partnerships and competitive advantages, and may also include customized solutions that meet specific demands and present a strong potential for a return to its shareholders. In parallel, Helbor has gathered a considerable portfolio of land already acquired, which is strategically concentrated in the municipality of São Paulo, with an estimated total VGV (General Sales Value) of R$ 11 billion.