Social Responsibility

Helbor has adopted a regular and consistent policy regarding social responsibility in the communities it operates, through employee involvement and sponsorship of recreational and cultural projects that encourage personal well-being, promote citizenship integration with society.

“Casa Hope” – Helbor is among the contributors helping “Casa Hope”, an institution with a long history of caring for children with cancer, to build its own headquarters, in the Planalto Paulista district, located in the city of São Paulo. In addition to assuming the construction costs for some of the wings of Casa Hope, the Company is a partner in the campaign “Ampliando a Esperança” which seeks to build a new specialized area to assist youngsters with transplants or cancer in the bone marrow, the kidney or the liver, and allocates a portion of revenues from the sales of certain real estate projects to assist the institution.

“Projeto Crescer” – This initiative promotes the teaching of Taekwondo for over 100 children and adolescents, from 5 to 17 years, in the District of Taiaçupeba, in Mogi das Cruzes (Sao Paulo state). The aim is to encourage the practice of healthy habits, complementing the education and contributing to the responsible development of children. In addition, the project also contributes to reveal new talents in this sport, so they can represent the city in official competitions.

Sports Incentive – Helbor also sponsors various sporting events such as the Interscholastic Games, which assembles more than 2,000 children from different education institutions, and the Tennis Circuit of the O Diário newspaper, both in Mogi das Cruzes. Additionally, it maintains support for athletes in swimming, tennis and judo, as the young Aine Schmidt, one of the revelations of Brazilian judo, and the tennis player Vitor Pinheiro, another important revelation, and is the main sponsor of the basketball team of Mogi das Cruzes. In order to encourage the sport among its employees, Helbor maintains a racing team that competes in the name of Helbor at various events throughout the country.

Family Center and Cancer Patient Support (CECAN) – Helbor sponsors several events organized by the entity in Mogi das Cruzes. The major campaign is “Juvenile Cancer – Educate to Prevent”, which involves more than 1,000 children from the educational institutions of the city and more than 2,000 adults. Its mission is to “raise awareness and sensitize parents, families, students, teachers, health and education professionals and the general public about the importance of early diagnosis.”

Cultural Incentive – To encourage cultural activities and contribute to the preservation of traditions and history are part of the Helbor objectives in cities it operates. Therefore, sponsors cultural festivals – such as the traditional “Festa do Divino” in Mogi das Cruzes -, teams of artists and beginners.

Encouraging Social Development – In Mogi das Cruzes, Helbor is a maintainer, since its foundation, of the Creche Fraternidade, a health care entity that serves 225 children aged from zero to six years. Helbor also contributes to the Association of Parents and Friends of Exceptional Children (APAE) for the maintenance of approximately 700 beneficiaries, who receive educational, psychological and dental assistance and support for sports and cultural activities, and many other institutions, such as the Pro + Vida “São Sebastião” and the Trabalho de Apoio ao Deficiente (Tadef);